Irish Power to the KYTKE project team

KYTKE-projektitiimi vahvistuu syksyn ajaksi uudella jäsenellä Irlannista, kun Andrew O’Reilly Humakin kumppanikorkeakoulusta, Institute of Technology Tralee:sta aloittaa 4 kuukauden harjoittelun projektissamme. Andrew tulee pääasiassa työskentelmään KYTKEn Englanninkielisten projektien ja kv-opiskelijoiden kanssa sekä vastaa nettisivumme Englanninkielisen sisällön uudistamisesta ja päivittämisestä. Alla kuva ja Andrew’n kirjoittama lyhyt esittely itsestään!

Starting from the 12th of September, KYTKE project team is being reinforced with some Irish power as Andrew O’Reilly from Humak’s partner University Institute of Technology Tralee starts his 4-month internship with us. This is good news especially for the international students in the area, because Andrew will be working mainly on our international projects and upgrading & updating the English content of our website, amongst other responsibilities of KYTKE project. Below you will find a short introduction written by Andrew himself:

Andrew O’Reilly


I am a 27 year old sporty and adventurous person. I love football, and everything that comes with it as I travel as much as I can to support and watch my football team which is Arsenal. After a while of searching what I want to be when “I grow up”, I came across the field of youth and community work. That led me to the situation where I am now, which is my final semester of my youth and community degree. I completed my first work placement in a harm reduction centre. I consider myself as a person who doesn’t have any prejudices, and this certain placement enforced this part of me even more.

My goal is to be able to have a positive influence on people’s lives by helping them with any issues which may have effected them and provide sound advice to the best of my ability. I feel like in order to do this, you must keep an open mind to the world and never judge a book by its cover. This here is also one of the main reasons I stumbled across Finland, and ended up here to do my placement in the land of Santa Claus, sauna and those weird black sweets.