Project opportunities

Marketing, administration & communications

Niilo Mäki Institute

  • Making contents (e.g. news) to project’s web pages and Facebook
  • Planning the marketing strategy and developing contents in different languages in parent education website.

 Mosaiikki ry

Proofreading and updating the web pages in Russia

Working with children and youth

Multicultural Federation Wari

This is mostly conducted in Finnish

(This is a great opportunity to learn to speak basic Finnish because it is the main spoken language.)

Planning and implementing group activities (trips, concerts, games, movies, cooking) for the youth (16 and 17 years of age) who live at the Säynätsalo Reception Centre.

Summer’s Mahis-group is still recruiting more volunteers. There is a little bit of funding for organizing trips to the countryside and nature (for example, berry picking) and teaching about the Finnish traffic rules. Also a cycling trip could be organized.


Niilo Mäki Institute

  • An assisting role in guiding  seniors and children in the club (in Gloria on Wednesdays at 17:30-18:30) 
  • Reading to children in any language in the club (in Gloria on Wednesdays at 17:30 -18:30)


Supervising different hobby groups 

Harju’s Strength (Harjun Woima)

  • Planning and implementation of new forms of group fitness classes (ie. weight training, weight lifting, other exercise classes) especially to the adults and multicultural groups (the reception center of Kangasvuori is located close by).

(This requires a Finnish student involvement because projects are run in Finnish)

Organizing and assisting in different kinds of events & creating pop-up events

EHYT ry (Ehkäisevä päihdetyö – substance abuse prevention)

  • Organizing and assisting different kinds of programs for the upcoming events, for example, night of homeless in October, for the week of substance abuse prevention or for the international game week in November 14-20th.

 JAPA ry (Jyväskylän kestävä kehitys ry – Sustainable development)

  • Participate in National Energy Saving Week and Buy Nothing Day: National Energy Saving Week is celebrated annually in October. We inform citizens during the week of energy saving and activate people in energy conservation with different challenges and competition. We also inform about the International Buy Nothing Day in November.

Jyvälä Setlement (Jyvälän Setlementti)

  • Event organizer: International game day in November and other upcoming events


Jyväskylä Cyclists (Jyväskylän Pyöräilyseura JYPS)

About Jyväskylä Cyclists JYPS

  • Organizing something for the cycling week in May 2017.

Multicultural Federation Wari

  • Organizing events in the Säynätsalo reception centre for 16-17 year old youth
  • Participate in planning and assisting the events in International Week of Elimination of Racial Discrimination in Jyväskylä (March)


Video project

Multicultural Federation Wari

  • Planning and doing the video lecture series for asylum seekers and migrants in Finland. The project includes: planning, script writing, shooting video clips, and creating and maintaining a web page. There are numerous topics.

Games and other ideas

Bone Health Association (Keski-Suomen Luustoyhdistys ry)

Assisting in developing a digital bone health game for adults. The project is looking for

  • Students enthusiastic about a iOS or Android development (you do not have to be an expert)


  • Health and wellness students who are willing to develop content for the quiz/game. Knowledge of English and Finnish is required.


Mosaiikki ry

  •  Creating children’s games in RuFI-project (only available for web developers or programmers)

The Youth Organisation of Central Finland (NUKSU – Nuorten Keski-Suomi)

In English

  • To work with different graphic designs

Research Opportunities

Niilo Mäki Institute

  •  It is possible to write your thesis as a part of the research project. There are multiple alternatives to focus your research on what interest you (for example, examining children’s linguistic identities). Project staff provides help in addition to your formal supervision.

Jyvälä Setlement

It is possible to write your thesis/research report etc. as a part of the project. Themes: Civic activism/engagement and youth work; generations; gender sensitivity; cultural sensitivity…